30 December 2010

Kumpul Bocah

Soooooo... Last 28th December, I decide to gathering with my junior high school friends, my gank hehehe :)) And, it was fun. Even though it rains, but we keep going on. It's cool, isn't it? B)

Gifted Shirts, Bossini Capri

(from left to right)
Mega, Selvya, Me, Elizabeth


and it becomes.... *drumroll*

VOILA! Looks yummy, eh? :9
Congratulation Malaysia as the winner of the champion. And congratulation Indonesia, as the winner of the game, as the most sportive fans and especially for Firman Utina as the most valuable player [MVP] and the best captain for our team :)) Now, let's say thanks to Alfred Riedl as the coach, cause he had a very good discipline to the players and indirectly, he makes all people from another race and religion to come together and speak up for our team. Thanks for all players (BP, Irfan, Okto, Gonzales, Bustomi, Ridwan, Maman, Nasuha, Eka, Hamka, Yongki, Markus, dll).. You've been doing your best! Two thumbs up! :))

Garuda, you're still in my heart.

28 December 2010


Still in Christmas, 25th December there's family gathering in my granny's house and it was so fun! Yeah, all came and we chatted together :) My granny cooked some foods and all of them so delicious :9 . Here are some photos from me and my cousins who has some age with me :p

(from left to right)
Garina, Me, Devi, Bagas :)

27 December 2010

"So let me remember the shape of the evening. Cause when the day's over who knows when I'll see you again."

-Carnival, Adhitia Sofyan-

25 December 2010

Frohe Weihnachten!!

Frohe Weihnachten euch allen meine freunde!
God bless you all and let His guidance keeps direct us into a better person :)
Ich und Mein Weihnachtsbaum :)
(I and My Christmas Tree)

23 December 2010


Yeay!!! Long time no see my Buffy, finally, I spend my time with him today :) . 12.00 p.m, he pick me up at my house, and we're heading to Citos. Arrived at Citos, we meet my superb-friend, Agatha and her BoyF, Noel. We watch Tron Legacy (Sam Flynn looks so damn cool and hawt! Speechless♥) and I'm looking for christmas gift for my Mom♥. Yeaaaah, too much silly things we do. Hahaha.. But most of all, I ♥ today, even though traffic jam hit us (me and my Buffy♥). Now, he already sleep. Guten nacht, Buffy♥. Thanks a lot for this beautiful day♥♥. You made my day. Thanks a lot too, Agatha and Noel! Longlast!!

Happy 2nd Monthversary


For all Mom around the world, our Mother nature and all of feminine energy... It's your day! Happy Mother's day! Even though too much mistakes I made, but I don't mean to hurt you. ♥♥ you so much, my super♥hero :)

One of our favoritefoods! :9

"When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change.
Cause you're amazing, just the way you are.
And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile.
Cause girl you're amazing, just the way you are."
- Bruno Mars, Just The Way You Are -

19 December 2010


My score is not too good, but not too bad too (?). But I'm lost. I can't reach top ten at my class :( . Next semester, eventhough there's no top ten again, my score MUST be better! Okay, forget it all. Now, holiday's time. No planning. But I'm looking for Christmas present. And I wanna watch some good movies.

So now, happy holiday guys! Enjoy your holiday! :D

Garuda Di Dadaku

"Garuda di dadaku.. Garuda kebangganku..
Ku yakin, hari ini pasti menang!" -Netral

Yes! Indonesia road to FINAL on AFF CUP 2010! After versus Philipines on SemiFinal, with Gonzales' beautiful kicks, Indonesia road to final with same score on leg 1&2 (1-0). Woohoo!

Align Centre

15 December 2010

This Afternoon

Batik Maxi Pants - Made in Yogya (Unbranded), Sandals - Charles&Keith